New in rubiTrack 4 Pro

Even more beautiful than previous versions, rubiTrack 4 Pro is faster and more feature rich than any other fitness tool out there. The number of new features in rubiTrack 4 Pro is truly mind-blowing. rubiTrack 4 Pro is a gigantic upgrade, this page explains the news in detail to give you an idea of just how much has been added and improved.


  • rubiTrack 4 Pro is a OSX Yosemite (10.10) application with an unprecedented feature set, both in terms of power and beauty.
  • New "Activity Focus Mode", hides the activities view and sidebar to let you concentrate on track and chart.
  • Full screen map + chart, sidebar and activity collection/list/calendar dynamically hide-able.
  • Redesigned data popups, beautifully laid out and styled for maximum efficiency.
  • Popup windows such as activity details popup or the weather edit popup and other popups are now displayed sideways instead of on top or bottom. This saves space on smaller screens.
  • New "File > Show in Finder" menu item to easily reveal the location of the rubiTrack data file.
  • The athlete info is now accessible from the toolbar.
  • Completely new online help with special focus on training stress topics (work in progress).
  • Adds "Crossfit" activity type.
  • Chart: Adds optional Y-Axis Min/Max settings for all standard activity curves which let you preset the axis scale for better comparability between activities.
  • Chart: Bar curve splits now include additional split points at 200m/0.2mi and 400m/0.4mi (for distance-based charts) and 15sec and 90sec (for time-based charts).
  • Chart: Adds a new curve for "Heart Rate in % of HR max" for targeted training.
  • Calendar: Clicking the today button now animates the target day after scrolling to make it easier to find.
  • Dashboard: Adds configurability of fields: You can now rearrange the files by dragging them and change the fields' contents.
  • Dashboard: The chart now displays different useful configurations including standard, athlete log and training stress curves.
  • Duplicating an activity now automatically updates the new activity's weather information if location information is available.
  • Core: Activities now have a heart rate variability (HRV) field in the activity details popup.
  • When comparing multiple activities, chart curves and tracks are much easier to distinguish. Badge colors of each selected activity match the color used for the chart curves and tracks of that activity.
  • Clicking the dock icon with a rubiTrack window minimized now de-minimizes.
  • Background processing: Certain changes (like adding a segment or modifying the zones configuration), require extensive processing to update internal data structures. That processing is done in the background. When a background task is running, a indefinite progress animation will appear in the lower-left corner of the main window.
  • - Removes old rubiTrack for iPhone syncing
  • Fixes crash in chart when encountering a trackpoint with NULL time stamp in the middle of valid track point timestamps.
  • - Adds additional best distances: For metric units 400m, 800m, 20k, 30k, 50k, half marathon, marathon, for imperial units 200m, 800m, 5k, 10k, 30mi, half marathon, marathon


  • Activities are now automatically assigned country, division/state and city when imported.
  • A new "Places" sidebar group is available which also interacts with places displayed on the map.
  • Click a place and rubiTrack automatically selects the country, division or city the place is located in.
  • Double click a single-activity place to select that activity instantly.
  • The "Places" sidebar section now includes locations and routes, neatly sorted into the tree hierarchically. The "Locations" sidebar section is turned off by default but can be switched on in the app sidebar preferences.
  • rubiTrack includes region information and comes with a huge region database with over 240 countries, more than 3500 states/divisions and more than 140,000 cities.

Training Summary

  • Unifies the workout summary and the athlete log.
  • The new Training Summary is more powerful supporting a wide variety of different chart curves which can be displayed side by side.
  • Adds zones history curves to the training summary. This makes it possible to look at the evolution of time or distance spent in specific zones over time. The zones history is available for heart rate, cadence, power, speed and pace.
  • Want to know how temperature impacts your speed or how calorie consumption influences your heart rate, the training summary can tell you that and much more.
  • Adds "Configurations" to the training summary: A configuration comprises a set of chart curves together with interval and filter setup. Configurations enable you to look at and switch between different aspects of your training very quickly, without having to reconfigure the charts to make room for other interesting data.
  • Adds temperature, humidity and apparent temperature curves to the training summary.
  • Athlete log: Adds values for cholesterol (LDL, HDL, triglyceride), blood sugar (fastening, glucose tolerance) and bone density.
  • Adds "Heart Rate Variability" as a curve available in the Training Summary.

Training Stress Analysis

  • Adds 7-day delta curve options for LTS, STS, SB and Combined stress curves which make it easy to keep track of progress and stay within desirable ranges with respect to training stress.
  • Adds a forecast option to all training stress curves which allow you to find exact "sweet spots" for maximum performance.
  • Adds a smoothing option for all stress related and athlete log curves.
  • Adds Trimp-based i#insert NEW_FEATURE(ntensity/training stress level which works similarly to pace/power based training intensity, but uses trimp as the basis for the intensity calculation.
  • Adds a new lactate threshold trimp field in the athlete log which is maintained automatically, if the "Update thresholds" import option is turned ON (default).
  • Now supports intensity/training stress level for swimming activities and calculates long-term and short-term stress charts and stress balance for swimming.
  • Adds a new lactate threshold swim pace field in the athlete log. Unlike the other threshold values, this has to be maintained manually. The field expects the average swim pace value of a 1-hour race. If you happen to know the race pace for a 30 minute rate only, add 3% to the value.

Sync Manager & Import

  • Adds the Sync Manager, a new user friendly way to access data from various different sources with one click.
  • Adds support for a custom sync folder, which enables users to sync with any arbitrary folder on the Mac. For instance this can be used to conveniently import data from GPS loggers that store tracks in special, device-specific folders.
  • Adds support for dragging folders into rubiTrack, which imports the entire content including contents of sub-folders (limited to files with known file extensions).
  • Import activities from Strava
  • Adds support for Sigma Rox CSV files.
  • Adds support for Daum Ergometer CSV files.
  • Adds support for activity summary CSV files enabling import of trackless activity history from just about any source.
  • Uses the latest FIT SDK Version 13.0
  • Now uses TBXML instead of NSXML
  • Adds support for direct sync with TomTom Sport watches. Adds a new advanced import option for setting the TomTom device name.
  • GPX Import: No longer imports the name tag as location (because the name tag isn't used for that and this interferes with automatic location detection).
  • Adds support for importing heart rate from Suunto Ambit 3 Peak log files via direct sync.
  • Fixes a problem with irregular swim activities imported from Fenix 2 which could result in 2 activities being generated.
  • Import: Now imports R-R Data from Suunto and Garmin workouts (if available) and calculates HRV from that.
  • Import: Now imports recovery heart rates from FIT format files (if available) and stores them in athlete log entries.
  • Cloud import no longer limits the maximum number of activities that can be downloaded in one go.


  • Moves WiFi and Cloud download preferences into their own preferences pane.
  • New preference window pane icons.
  • Adds an application preferences pane named "Behaviors" for settings related to UI interaction.
  • Adds a Behaviors option to select the most recent activity after import (default off).
  • Adds a new option for the sidebar badges to display total distance or total duration instead of the number of activities.
  • Adds sidebar configurability for main and equipment window.
  • Nautical units: Sailing, power boating, flying and fishing now use nautical units. This setting can be changed per activity type in the activity types manager.
  • Adds the new advanced import option "Add estimated power": If selected, rubiTrack will add estimated power information to suitable activities after the import is complete. Suitable means: The activity type uses "Power" intensity and it does not have power data on its own.


  • Adds segments which are parts of a track in an activity that can be marked.
  • Segments will then be automatically marked in all other activities that cover the same track portion, including support for multiple occurrences of the same segment in one activity (also known as laps).
  • Segments can also be download from Strava (when authenticated in the Sync Manager).

Weather from Forecast.IO

  • Weather data is now powered by Forecast.IO
  • New streamlined weather UI.


  • Adds Retina HD imagery and maps
  • RT4 comes with two new map styles named Outdoor and Streets.
  • Adds the Visual Track Data Editor
    • Track editing is now integrated in the main window, interacts with the map and comes with customizable columns.
    • Allows adding/deleting laps and stops. Note that lap manipulation is not compatible with original device data.
    • Adds support editing for vertical oscillation, stance time and left/right-balance.
  • The zoom slider now increments/decrements zoom instead of setting the zoom directly.
  • When displaying splits, the final split is now shown with a marker.
  • Splits can now be configured to display duration and distance from the start instead of from the previous split.
  • Splits are now numbered.
  • New zoom pan and animation settings on the new behavior app preferences page.
  • Click any location to get region information (displayed along the top edge of the map).
  • SHIFT-click any point to get the location's coordinate (displayed along the top edge of the map).
  • OPTION-click any location to get current weather conditions.
  • Increases the maximum zoom level by one which lets you zoom in twice as deep as before.
  • Removes "Plastic" track style option.
  • All new "Places": View all activities right where they happened on the map and click places to zoom in.


  • Adds automatic Equipment assignment: When the new "Assign automatically" option is selected for an item and the item's activity type matches the one of the newly imported activity, the item (and all the parts it may consist of) will be assigned to that activity.
  • Equipment now automatically tracks ascent and descent.
  • Equipment now supports user-defined initial values.
  • Equipment counters can now be recalculated using the "Recount" button in the equipment details popup.
  • When upgrading to rubiTrack 4 Pro, all equipment counters will be recalculated. If the newly calculated counter value is less than the current counter value, the difference will be used as unlogged usage for that counter. The total will remain the same as before.
  • Maintenance warnings are now delivered through the notification center:
    • Clicking a notification opens the Equipment Manager and focuses the corresponding equipment item.
    • When a maintenance check has fired, it appears red in the list of checks. When the value of a fired check is changed, the check is reset.
    • You can reset all checks through the "Reset" button in the check list or through the warning button in the equipment collection item.


  • rubiTrack 4 Pro will be available exclusively from the rubiTrack store, conveniently accessible from the Activation Assistant.
  • rubiTrack 4 Pro licenses can be activated directly from the license email by clicking a link.
  • To obtain a trial and or full license, follow the instructions in the Activation Assistant.
  • You can try rubiTrack 4 Pro to get to know it risk-free. Trial licenses offer full, unrestricted functionality - except for saving files which is not supported.