Who we are

rubiTrack is developed by Shiftoption Software, an independent software design studio based in Rohr im Burgenland, Austria. We are a small team of outdoor enthusiasts with a soft spot for beautiful and powerful software.

Developing awesome, state of the art software is our thing.

We are Shiftoption Software.

Why we do it

We are running, cycling and enjoying the great outdoors and we are recording all of it. We always wanted a fun and beautiful, yet thorough way to analyse our performance and monitor progress. We wanted to work with maps and charts, speed and heartrate curves, elevation profiles and training load. We wanted to see how we were doing.

There was nothing out there that worked the way we wanted.

So we invented rubiTrack.

What makes it special

rubiTrack has a unique approach of presenting activities and data in a beautifully stylish way without compromising the precision and thoroughness you require as an athlete.

The level of interactivity you get when analysing your performance is unparalleled. rubiTrack fuses the different aspects of training software into a stunningly cool user experience.

Nothing comes close.

What it takes

Developing rubiTrack and moving it forward is great fun and we love it. It's a huge challenge too! But nothing is impossible if you combine passion, energy and talent and let it take its course.

Since 2008 we dedicate our time and energy to bringing you the best possible product.

Our users tell us we're doing a great job at it!

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Thank You!

Thank You!

We're sure you'll love rubiTrack just as much as we do! If you use rubiTrack, please purchase a license.

The future of rubiTrack depends on users like you and your contribution!

Thank you very much for your support!

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