News and announcements

rubiTrack 6.1.5 released

Improves line curve smoothing in the charts. macOS, iOS

  • Smoothing is now applied with much better control over smoothing strengh.
  • The current smoothing width is now printed below the slider. macOS
  • Due to changes with how the line smoothing is applied, individual smoothing settings may have to be adjusted.

Fixes a problem with the display of the raw elevation chart curve. macOS, iOS

Fixes mapping of back country skiing to the corresponding "Ski Touring" activity type when importing from Garmin Connect. macOS

Fixes a drawing glitch with chart curve selections in certain situations. macOS, iOS

Fixes a problem when switching to places mode when the activity list view was active. macOS

rubiTrack 6.1.4 released

Adds support for quick statistics in the chart when using multi-activity comparison. macOS

rubiTrack now uses weather data provided by Apple Weather. macOS, iOS

Adds new weather conditions: Breezy, windy, frigid, hot, wintry mix, hurricane and tropical storm. macOS, iOS

Fixes a problem with calculating average speed for indoor activities in certain situations. macOS, iOS

Fixes a problem with importing Stryd data in certain situations. macOS, iOS

Fixes a problem with drawing of the calendar weekday headers. macOS

Fixes a problem with sharing activities. macOS

rubiTrack 6.1.3 released

Adds the "E-Mountain Biking" activity type. macOS, iOS

Adds support for new iOS 16 metrics when importing from Health app. iOS

  • Adds "Stride Length", "Vertical Oscillation", "Ground Contact Time" and "Power".
  • In order to authorize rubiTrack to access these new metrics, sync activities once via the Sync view manually. Once authorized, rubiTrack is able to download these new metrics including during auto-sync.

Adds "Stride Length" activity chart curve, a new running metric supported by Apple Watch. macOS, iOS

Adds a new Health sync feature to import older athlete log entries on the Sync view (PRO only). iOS

Fixes a problem with importing cadence from Health app. iOS

Bug fixes. macOS, iOS

rubiTrack 6.1.2 released

Fixes a problem when updating segments that may cause the update process to run indefinitely. macOS

Fixes a problem with weather data retrieval. macOS, iOS

rubiTrack 6.1.1 released

Adds the Duplicates finder feature. macOS

  • Accessible via "File > Find Duplicates…" from the main menu.
  • Searches for possible duplicates and creates two sidebar filters "Originals" and "Duplicates" which contain the corresponding activities only.
  • The filters can be used to isolate the original and duplicate activities from the rest of the collection.
  • To remove unwanted duplicate activities, select (multi-select holding the COMMAND or SHIFT keys) and delete them using "Edit > Delete".

Adds the new "Active Duration" column in the Segments view. macOS

  • rubiTrack will automatically update all segment occurrences when loading the file for the first time.

The "Activity > Show Heatmap" command now automatically switches to Places mode when it is not active. macOS

Fixes a problem when joining swimming activities. macOS

Fixes a problem when calculating properties of swimming activities. macOS, iOS

Fixes a problem with the display of the syncing UI when using the "Send to rubiTrack" action menu. iOS

Other bug fixes. macOS, iOS

rubiTrack 6.1 released

Adds the completely new Heatmap feature. macOS

  • Instantly displays traces of activity tracks on the map.
  • Colorizes traces according to frequency of visits to a point on the map.
  • The heatmap displays activities in the current activity collection.
  • Heatmap is part of the places view
    • The heatmap can be turned on and off separately when places are being displayed.
    • Places markers are a very handy and quick way to narrow the collection of activities in the heatmap.
    • The heatmap is always generated live based on the current activity collection, so filtering activities through any sidebar filter or the search filter changes the heatmap.
  • High and low resolution
    • There are two resolutions of heatmaps which are selected automatically based on the area the activities in the current collection are covering.
    • For high resolution the maximum area traces may cover is about 140km x 140km. For low resolution it is 2400km x 2400km.
    • When the area covering the current set of activities is too large, heatmap is not available and a message is shown.
    • The Heatmap can be forced to use low resolution by using the corresponding option in the map configuration.
  • Heatmap colors can be adjusted by selecting from 10 predefined color sets through the map configuration.

Adds automatic quick statistics to Training Summary and Equipment chart curves. macOS, iOS

  • Instant quick statistics display the start value, end value and difference as well as minimum and maximum value and weighted average of the selected curve portion.
  • All athlete and activity curves produce these statistics (Distribution and Bests curves do not have statistics).
  • Adds a context menu item to turn off quick statistics in the Training Summary and Equipment views.

Adds selection start and end date markers in the Training Summary. macOS, iOS

  • Whenever a selection is made in the Training Summary, rubiTrack now shows the date of the start and end points of the selection.

Adds support for heart rate in length-based swimming activities. macOS, iOS

  • Supports activities from the Apple Watch, from Garmin Connect or via file import from FIT-files.
  • If heart rate or other track data data is available, that information can be viewed in the chart alongside length-based curves like SWOLF or Swim Pace.

Adds support for activities recorded with Stryd sensors. macOS, iOS

  • Now imports "Power", "Form Power" and "Leg Spring Stiffness" from such activities.
  • Adds the "Form Power" and "Leg Spring Stiffness" chart curves for activities.
  • Adds the "Form Power" and "Leg Spring Stiffness" activity data fields on the Training tab. These values are populated with the weighted average of the respective curves during import.
  • Adds the "Form Power" and "Leg Spring Stiffness" columns in the activity list view and the track data editor.

On the map, stop markers that are in close proximity of each other (depending on the zoom level) are now accumulated into single markers. macOS, iOS

Brings back the "Set known locations" import option on the "Import" application preference page. macOS

Fixes the background base color of maps on certain systems. macOS, iOS

Fixes tile loading problems in the map on certain systems. macOS, iOS

Forum closed

The forum has been closed with the release of rubiTrack 6.1. More information is available here.